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Thank You Collection

2018 - Idris Veitch

This jewellery piece is the first of my "thank you" series. My hope is to create unique items for specific individuals in my life that have played a part in shaping me to the person I am today. The piece is not only inspired by the individuals in question but also represents to me, what they have added to my life. 

This piece is for Idris, who has let me realize what love- in retrospect, once idealized and impersonal- could actually mean and feel for myself. 

Idris who keeps me grounded.

Idris who cracks me up and open.

Idris who lets me grow, be and dance.

He changed the way I see and think. 

Thank you.

​The piece is made with the urushi lacquer technique, using eggshell and gold flakes. A big shout out to Atsuko Tanaka for the untouched photos and Mai Ebine for your eyes and skill in text edit. 

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