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In these times of hyper consumption and fast production it seems more important now than ever as a designer, producer, consumer and human being to think about how we value our garments and items. The Fashion and Design industry is built on our demand for quantity and image, whilst our products seem over time to depreciate and become less sustainable. 

Mottainai (もったいない))


a Japanese term that roughly translates to ‘don’t let it go to waste’. 

We all have our favourite garments and jewellery pieces, but once they break or are worn down we seem to put them aside and move on to the next item. But what if we can give that item a second life where we can show it the love and value that it deserves?

The techniques that we used in our ‘made to order’ collection can be applied to items that you already own to avoid waste and devaluation. The cost to repair each item will differ depending on the time and technique applied.

At the ‘Mottainai- repair your own events’ our customers and other people who are interested can learn how to apply these techniques to their own items. By investing the time and technique towards your or your friends’ items, it will give it more value and create awareness towards how we produce and consume everyday items. 

For our upcoming events: click here. 

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