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'Memoirs'- Ode to Bedaux

2019- Frencken College

Your trash, your treasures. 


For the most part, high school was a place where I found out what didn’t work for me as opposed to what did work; 

people I disliked, subjects I wasn’t into, time that felt wasted, teachers' lives I didn’t want to follow. 


But these 100,000 don'ts help bring you just a little closer to what and where you do want to be. High school is an open experimenting ground where you're granted the chance to make ‘mistakes’. You learn, and you evolve.


For this piece, I used all kinds of light-reflecting elements like glass and metals from the old building that were originally destined to be thrown out. These represent the 'mistakes'. Individually we would've seen it as trashーtogether, they form a sparkling bead curtain that transforms you from what was, to what can be. 

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