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Fac10n is a project by To be continued to give us back our autonomy of our identity in public spaces. A modern talisman for the Super surveillance era, it is jewellery that protects, a band aid that sparkles. 

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Face10n is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).

Facial recognition technology turns us into walking 

barcodes, ready to be linked to other data in databases. Categorised and defined by those interested in monetising us, defining us or keeping us obedient. 


Since May 2023 EU law does stipulate regulations on 

the use of AI in public spaces. However, non-compliance 

with these laws by the police and by large companies 

often goes unchecked. 


The more prevalent biometric data collection becomes, 

the more difficult it is to exist without being datafied, the more dangerous it is for people who face structural discrimination.


Face10n is for everybody who won’t submit to having their biometric 

data collected and used to influence behaviour.

In case you want to join a more long term solution. Sign the open letter to AP, or the open letter to Amsterdam ward in order to press for more transparency about the camera use and policy.

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