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In Dutch and Japanese tradition and cultural accessories, the hairpin plays a big role. This hairpin is developed with the idea to look for boundaries of what we value and represents the double interpretation of items and its meaning. It plays with elements of the packaging and the Visa Creditcard in combination with the traditional Japanese Urushi Technique and Raden Technique. The word Visa stands for Visum and it’s contrast of frustration, integration versus the beauty you can find in another culture. The word and visual elements stand also literally for value as in the creditcard. Money is in the end the ultimate myth that has gotten value by creation of individuals. 


This technique can also be used to repair your broken products such as a vases, jewellery pieces etc. We provide a repair service that with these beautiful ancient techniques will bring your beloved items a second life.


Find more information in the Repair your own section, where you can also make your inquiry. Should you be interested in our repair your own events, subscribe here to our newsletter.

Visa Hairpiece

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  • Please specify the amount of time in the inquiry here or by messaging us at


    Rental time availablilty

    • 1 day - €50
    • 1 week - €200
    • 1 Month - €600


    We will also make special arrangements if your desired time is not listed above.

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